Ultimate Home Studio Production Course

Your ultimate guide to creating pro-sounding tracks with minimal gear, with 10+ hours of guided instruction on recording, mixing, mastering, and more.

Course Summary

Designed to give you the ground-up foundational knowledge you need to create breathtaking, streaming-ready tracks at home without breaking the bank. Each lesson breaks down a complex topic into in bite-size chunks so it’s easy to understand. You’ll learn basic audio engineering, how to work with the software, proven methods for miking up and recording vocals and instruments, editing, mixing, mastering, and marketing tricks to help get your creations heard.

Course Curriculum


The Ultimate Home Studio Production Course includes:

  • The full course includes 10+ hours of Guided Instruction on Production Techniques arranged into 10 sections with 90+ Lessons (2 Sections Complete Today, with 8 more to come in the next few months)
  • Interactive Support Forum  ($500 value)
  • Weekly Group Coaching ($2,500+ value)
  • Honest Feedback on your Mixes  ($ Priceless)
  • DAW Templates  ($300 value)
  • Expert Mic Placement Diagrams  ($100 value)
  • Cohesive Mixing Checklist  ($100 value)
  • Flawless Mastering Checklist  ($100 value)

A 'Beta' is an early release of an unfinished product that is designed to help the developer find and solve issues before the final version.  The current Beta version includes the first two sections, with the rest of the sections to be added in the coming months.  By purchasing the Ultimate Home Studio Production Course during Beta Testing, you're getting a HUGE early access discount, the portion of the course that is finished today, plus lifetime access to all future course materials and group coaching sessions.

The Ultimate Home Studio Production Course is currently in Beta, so yes, you can always buy the course later.  However, as each new section of material is finished the price will go up until the full course is released.  The final price for the finished course will be $497, so if you're on the fence consider the 80% savings you get from enrolling today.  You'll get all the same materials as they are released and can join our group coaching calls starting this week.

Dave Reed

Dave Reed is an avid home studio enthusiast and the founder of HomeStudioToday. He has a bachelor's degree in production and nearly two decades of professional and home recording experience. Dave plays multiple instruments and has engineered and produced tracks in numerous genres.

Course Pricing

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Ultimate Home Studio Production Course (BETA)

$97 USD

  • Special Pricing just for Beta Testers

    • Early Adopter Pricing for Beta Testers (80% off!)
    • 10+ Hours of Guided Instruction ($1,000 value)
    • Printable Mixing and Mastering Checklists ($200)
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($2,500+ value)
    • DAW Templates ($300 value)
    • ... and more!
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