Home Studio Accelerator (FREE)

From mics to interfaces to computers and more, learn all the gear and software you actually need to get started recording pro-sounding tracks at home!

What's In the Course?

The Home Studio Accelerator is a FREE introduction to starting your own home studio. Broken into fourteen lessons, the Accelerator is designed to walk you step-by-step through the different kinds of gear and software you need to start a home studio, as well as how to set up a room in your home to create a professional recording environment.  You'll have unlimited access to the video course - anywhere at any time.

What Will I Learn?

In the first few lessons, we'll talk about all the reasons why you'd want to start a home studio, and I'll provide some general advice for beginners on what you can really expect from your home studio.  Then, in ten in-depth lessons, you'll learn exactly what gear you need to make fantastic recordings at home, as well as what gear is optional for your particular use case.  Finally, in the last section you'll find out how to turn a spare room into a professional recording environment, and also how to set up all the equipment.

Who Is This Course For?

The curriculum is designed to take you from absolute beginner with no prior experience to having a complete home studio setup that's ready to start recording your tracks. It's perfect for those who are brand new to the hobby, or for current studio owners who are struggling to produce quality recordings and want to go back to basics.

Course Curriculum:

Dave Reed

Dave Reed is an avid home studio enthusiast and the founder of HomeStudioToday. He has a bachelor's degree in production and nearly two decades of professional and home recording experience. Dave plays multiple instruments and has engineered and produced tracks in numerous genres.

Home Studio Accelerator


  • Learn what equipment you need and how to set it up!

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